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Image Potential

12 - Nov - 2013

Personal and corporate image consultant that will help to create the look you want to project be it on a social or professional level.


Image Potential - Image Consultants in Kent


At colour me beautiful it's all about confidence. Established in 1983, we are the recognised leaders in personal image consulting which has led over one million women and men to turn to us for advice on how to achieve the image they really want.

Professional Style Consultant in Kent

Whatever your style dilemma, whether you're looking for a personal image makeover, make-up advice, a party for your friends or a presentation for your organisation, just call.

Discover the benefits of a colour analysis, style consultation, make-up lesson or parties. Whether for yourself or a gift for your friends, you'll be offered professional and practical advice with all matters related to your image.

Image Consultant Services

Do you want to feel more confident about yourself?

You can, just by discovering your best colours and styles, and by learning a few essential grooming tips.

So for a Corporate Image Consultant in Kent, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks contact Image Potential today.




Colour Me Beautiful is Europe's leading Image Consultancy

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